Day 2 (October 13)

Location: Center for Korean Studies

Download the program as PDF

9:15-10:15auditorium Plenary Talk 2: Investigating Headless Relative Clauses across languages: A view from Mesoamerica
Ivano Caponigro (UCSD)
10:15-10:30lobbyCoffee break
10:30-11:10auditoriumInvited Talk 4: Telicity and Mode of Merge in L2 Acquisition of Resultatives Heejeong Ko (Seoul National University)
11:10-11:50auditoriumInvited Talk 5: A Formal Description of Dunan (Yonaguni-Ryukyuan) Honorifics
Masahiro Yamada (NINJAL)
11:50-1Lunch break
1:00-1:30auditoriumOral Presentation 3: The Segmentation of Motion Events in Ilocano
Kyosuke Yamamoto (JSPS/NINJAL)
1:30-2auditorium Oral Presentation 4: The Production of Relative Clauses by L-1 English Learners of Chinese.
Alessia Cherichi, Yung-Yung Chang and Nozomi Tanaka (Indiana University)
2-2:15lobby Coffee break
2:15-3:15lobby Poster Session 2
 Evaluation of cues in L1 Chinese input and output: A competition model approach to corpus data Alessia Cherichi,Yung-Yung Chang & Nozomi Tanaka (Indiana University)
The realization of an extra argument in a two-character Sino-Japanese verb sentence Takuya Hasegawa(University of Tokyo)
Reconsidering clausal argument ellipsis in Japanese
Hironobu Kasai (University of Kitakyushu).
Quantifier scope interpretation as a test for argument structure of Polish ditransitives Paulina Leska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan)
What do you want?: The emergence and development of ‘want’-constructions in adult-child conversational interaction Lyle Lustigman (San Jose State University)
Toward a contrastive study of inchoative/causative alternation in English and Japanese Kotaro Maeda (University of Tokyo)
How to depict things with words Hiromasa Mita (University of Tokyo)
Information structure of relative clauses in spoken Japanese and Mandarin Chinese Natsuko Nakagawa (NINJAL)
3:15-3:30lobbyCoffee break
3:30-4:30auditorium Plenary Talk 3: The Psychosemantics of Quantification
Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland College Park)
4:30-4:45lobbyCoffee break
4:45-5:45auditorium Plenary Talk 4: Connectionism Is Coming back, but Old AI Is Also Coming back (and Why All This Matters for Linguistics)
Yusuke Kubota (NINJAL)
5:45-6auditoriumClosing remarks


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